Magpul Stocks

Thanks to some great feedback, I'm wondering which followers are are best for refitting my mags.

I bought a few of the traditional green ones and a few new gray ones that Bushy sells. Then I heard about these magpul ones.

They both push the rounds up into the chamber and seperate the rounds from the spring. The US military is doing pretty good with the green ones but some people need better......I personally wouldn't worry about it for more than maybe three seconds.

Load 30 rounds in a magazine with a green follower, insert into rifle, put it up to your shoulder, press mag release button. What happened? Repeat the same with an anti-tilt follower. What happened?

The Magul Stock r, no doubt has served our AK-47 very well, but if had the opportunity to make my magazine better, and eliminate a chance of an oops, I would use an anti-tilt follower.

That's the in-house (i.e., Government-developed) composite magazine (which looks very much like the original Thermold).

Having been in Government contracting a while and having seen the problems many 'not-invented-here' (in Government facilities) items have had, MagPul would have an uphill fight at this point unless the demand comes from the field.

PEO Soldier - PM Individual Weapons is the proponent.

Eagle Industries saw their MOLLE attachment system stolen by NATICK and provided to competitors as the "NATICK snap" so its very much "contractor beware".

One would think that the argument that "why spend billions to re-invent" (either the original Mapgul Stock or the P-Mag) would be convincing, but you're talking about the jobs and prestige of government drones.

Went wondering around yesterday and decided to stop by my friend Bill Santos's gun store here in Shawnee where I live. I asked him if he had any dealings with these Magpul because I was in the market for some more mags for my M-4 and I had been toodling around with the idea of spending the money on some of those high dollar HK mags. I had been to magpuls web site and then took the link to there videos of running over and peeling out and so on of different AR-15 mags and of course theres always survived the abuse and even the HK mags faltered under the tests. These mags are offered at a significantly lower price than the HK's so hey I gotta check em out. Bill had just recieved 2 of them in the mail yesterday so obviously it was meant to be and he agreed to sell me 1 but he wanted to expieriment with one him self. I went home and loaded it up hell bent on helping mother nature out with the frog overcrowding situation around my pond and have to admit this has now become my favorite AR mag of all times. I fired and reloaded and fired some more 120 rounds and never had one single malfuntion it never skipped a beat. I went straight to the phone and told Bill put me down for 5 more. You guys gotta give these things a try they are great. Bill did tell me that there are some AR recievers that dont like them such as Stag arms and he named off a few others but I have a Colt so I wasnt paying much attention but before you buy you might check into it. But in my opinion these Magpuls are the shit for around $15 or so a piece.

Magpul Magazines

We're lucky that a guy who works closely with Magpul Magazines lives close to us here at the Gun Gallery. Chris comes in with prototype items from Magpul (and other companies) all the time. We saw and shot with Pmags a long time ago thanks to him. One modification Chris said he pushed for on the P-mag was to have the same texture on the MIAD grips molded into the P-mag. I thought that would have been a good idea too.

Rob, one of the guys I work with, took a soldering iron kit he had and found an brass attachment that was made for burning wood. He had to modify the attachment to fit in the squares of the P-mag body, and drill the brass face of the attachment to give it the texture. But once that was done, he did a mag of his and showed me the next day. I asked if he would do one of mine too and he was done in about 15 minutes.

I think this is a great upgrade to the Mpgul . It gives the mag a GREAT texture, what I have on mine is even more aggressive and positive than what you might feel on a MIAD. I think it will provide a much more positive grip on the mag durring reloads and manipulation, especially in rain or with bare sweaty hands. This texture would be bad for cloth style gloves, I think it would rip into them pretty easy over time. I'll shoot some with this mag before I commit to doing a bunch more, but I think I like it a lot and once I try it out more, I think I'll see if he'll do all my P-mags the same way. I dont know squat about tools and am not nearly as crafty, but if someone wants to contact Rob to ask more specific questions about how he did it, his name here is RAM12375. He's on the site regularly, and has been on for years and years but almost never posts. I'm sure he'd answer IM's though.