Rifle Triggers

Now that I got your attention, allow me to explain.

I've had an insane morning. I'm exhausted, my M4 had a kaboom, wolf is the devil and I'm bleeding from the web of my thumb and wolf sucks.

Some people say you should train as you fight. I don't buy that WINCHESTER TRIGGER . I train harder. In the interest of doing so, today I loaded up my LBE with 6 loaded mags in the pouches, a loaded Glock Accessories 22, a saw pouch with 6 more loaded AR-15 mags, and a butt pack with 200 rounds of .40 ammo, an MRE and 2 more bottles of water. Plus a compass and a Multi tool.

On top of this I put my plate carrier with 4 loaded G22 mags, 5 loaded AR mags, a first aid kit, and plates.

I had a lot of weight. BTW, it's hot in Arkansas Knee pads over my Multicam doesn't help

I have cleaned my RUGGER TRIGGER or lubed it in over 1k rounds over 2 months time. It's dirty and dry. And today I thought to myself if I have to suffer, so does my rifle. I was an hour into shooting while moving and doing mag changes in the middle and I had a FTF. Tap, fwd assist nothing, tap, charging handle back, nothing, fwd assist nothing. So I stop, Pull the CH back, pull out on the Rifle Trigger release and look quickly, no free round laying in the chamber.

Drop the mag, pop the rear pin, nice steel case staring at me ruptured and stuck. Great. Won't budge with the multi tool so I'm done shooting my rifle for the day.

That's fine. I get out my Glock, the ammo, and the Remington Trigger and decided to learn the reset on the Glock trigger. Now I have over 120k rounds through this Glock alone, a lot of it in compeition. But I've never bothered to learn the reset. JESUS CHRIST It's a different world. When you learn the reset and get used to it, the trigger pull becomes about 2 mm and it's only the break. Totally smooth and makes it amazingly fast. Better than the 1911s I've shot.

Now before you call me crazy, you need to understand I am NOT talking about a single pull of the trigger. 1911's obviously have that. I'm talking about learning the reset point of a Glock and putting it against a 1911 in a competition setting for rapid fire.

About the multi cam, It's flat out freaking amazing for my area. Christ it works good. I'll never need another kind. Especially when it gets a little dirty.

So the lessons learned are REMINGTON TRIGGERS  are better than people think, Multicam is amazing, Wolf deserves it's rep, and I'm tired as hell.

update. No case rupture. Attack of the lacquer coating. And I'd ramped the back of the rim. 5 pops of a brass cleaning rod and now it's ready for a good cleaning and some brass case stuff.